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Pangolin Quickshow Laser Light Show Software & FB3-QS ILDA Controller



Lasershow Designer serieshas been the world standard for professional-quality laser shows.

It is by far the most popular, most award-winning laser software in history.

Now, with QuickShow, Pangolin has reinvented laser software

In QuickShow, everything is new – from the powerful Beyond calculation engine at its core, to the radically simplified interface featuring QuickTools. The result is the easiest-to-use laser software available anywhere.

Software for any level of user

Whether you are new to lasers, or have years of experience, QuickShow adapts to your level.

You can do basic shows right out of the box. All you have to do is click on cues, or press keyboard keys, to display them in time to the music. QuickShow comes with  nearly 2000 pre-loaded graphics, animations, beam effects and abstracts.

But there is far more power in QuickShow than simply triggering cues. The next level is the unique QuickTools, which are used to make custom cues such as autotraced artwork, beam effects, and abstract shapes. For example, the QuickText tool (shown below) makes a variety of scrolling and waving text in easily-selectable fonts, colors and effects.


Finally, for the ultimate in customization, use AdvancedTools for professional-level features such as cue layering and sequencing, automatic beat triggering, timelines for syncing to pre-recorded music, triggering DMX channels, and controlling up to six projectors.

Advanced technology

QuickShow isnʼt just about a better user experience. It also has advanced technology such as the all-new Beyond calculation engine.

Beyond automatically takes care of scanner optimization and color mixing. In tests, QuickShowproduced noticeably better image quality. One beta tester 

said “It made my scanners look new again!”

Guaranteed satisfaction from the world leader

Pangolin has the most customer-friendly policies. For example, software updates are always free, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed, and we donʼt force you to constantly use a USB “dongle” key to unlock your software.

These are among the many reasons that have made Pangolinʼs software #1 around the world. So, contact Pangolin or your lasershow dealer, and begin creatinghigh-quality laser shows quickly, easily, and at an affordable price with QuickShow.

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